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Bro. Michael Binoy Oliva arrived in Toronto on 2007. He started organizing the group when he first met Bro. Brian Vincent Ilagan. He then met Bro. Ferdi Maon who was one of the pillar of AKP Palawan and Reactivators Palwan skeptron. He became the Senior Adviser of the group.

The AKP Canada East Coast Council was born on August 8, 2008 and the first batch of members are Bro. Osmark Rivera, Bro. Rolando Lausa Abutay Jr. and Bro. Gian Carlo Baguio.
Bro. Jordan Ferrer the Auditor of a 1st AKP-NCR Intercollegiate who officially registered the AKP to the Securities and Exchange Commission under the watch of Bro. Dr. Ronnie Mallonga and the great skeptron of all times Bro. Jun Pasaporte. And Brod Randy Samaniego joined the group later. With the genuine collaboration of Bro. Rolando Jhayr Abutay, they managed to registered the group in the Philippine Consulate of Toronto.
Bro. Bernard Nava Virtucio came back in active again on 2010 and joined the AKP Canada East Coast where he met Bro. Michael Binoy Oliva, Bro. Jordan Ferrer and Bro. Ferdi Maon.
The foundation to embody the development of a new and improved brotherhood started.
Slowly but surely, the brotherhood started to gain the leadership momentum.
We demonstrate and practice the values of peace and equality by executing civil rights, uniformity and equilibrium on all walks of life.
With its undeniable dedication, the brotherhood has led the steady development and triumphs.
The AKP Canada East Coast Council was renamed AKP Toronto Council.
It was then recognized by the Philippines President Benigno Aquino and Hon. Senator Tobias Enverga.
This would not be possible without members and leaders support and devotions.
The initiative of Bro. Gops Blanco helps the group into a more collaborative, empowered and inclusive brotherhood.
Now the revolutionary movement that AKP Toronto Council has bestowed upon the community is due to it's members strength and the persistence to change.
The bar has raised up and the dreams is to level up as a federally registered group is within the reach.
The combination of talents and unconditional love of Sis. Bubuth Ferrer, Bro. Ronald Allan Turla and Bro. Wilz Napenas are well measured in uniqueness and differentiation to others. A great addition to the core.
The hard work and tirelessly nights to get it registered was priceless.
The first Board of Directors/Advisers are Bro. Bernard Nava Virtucio, Bro. Jordan Ferrer, Bro. Wilz Napenas, Bro. Ronald Allan Turla and Bro. Ferdi Maon.  Bro. Ian Riff Vivero came later.
Alpha Kappa Rho Society of Canada was born on November 24, 2014 and became a Federally Registered Non for Profit group in Canada Revenue Agency.
It became the leading advocate in the community by being an agent of change, exhibiting effective teamwork and right motivation to help people.
With all these accomplished so far, it can confidentially predicts that Alpha Kappa Rho Society of Canada is on its way to a brighter and even more successful future.
AKPSOC expands to Montreal with the leadership of Bro. Ian Riff A. Vivero. By then it expanded to 2 chapters, Toronto and Montreal.
On June 15, 2015 Alpha Kappa Rho Society of Canada made a historical visit to the House of Senate in the Canadian Parliament. The first ever Fraternal organization outside Philippines that was invited by the local government by its base. Get recognized and applauded by the Canadian Senators for their responsiveness to the needs of humanity who are in dire needs of help.
It was a privileged and honor to meet our great Hon. Senator Tobias Enverga. The 1st Canadian Senator of Filipino descent. A Humble Public Servant, Champion of Multiculturalism and Voice of Special Needs. A real role model to Filipino Canadians.
Alpha Kappa Rho Society of Canada selflessly give their time, hearts and devotions for others for a better community, locally and abroad.
The fire kept burning and the brotherhood expands within Canada.
Four more chapters joined for the betterment of our beloved fraternity.
AKPSOC Saskatoon joined with the leadership of Bro. Chadix Avenido.
AKPSOC Yorkton joined with the leadership of Bro. Peter Paul M. Felisida.
AKPSOC Ottawa joined with the leadership of Bro. Phillip Robino.
And AKPSOC Alberta joined with the leadership of Bro. Allan Bryan Mendros.
Alpha Kappa Rho Society of Canada will guide the path to success in everything that we set forth to achieve. Led by our Preamble and Doctrines.
Influence all members to uphold the spirit of a great fraternal organization, peace and equality.
Long Live Alpha Kappa Rho Society of Canada!
Power to Akrho!
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