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Alpha Kappa Rho Society of Canada is a Federally Registered Non for Profit group and advocates to offer a credit hours for a high school students that requires toward graduation. We are the leading advocates in our communities by being an agent of change, exhibiting effective teamwork and right motivation to help people.
Recipients :
  • Miss Rhyza Ferrer has credited 40 hrs and now pusuing a Nursing career at Seneca College.
  • Bro Ian Perlington has credited 40 hrs and now works at Amazon Canada.
  • Miss Jessica Cianchino (2nd runner up Miss Asian Pacific International) has credited 40 hrs. and now attending school at the Western University.
  • Miss Raquel Anne Virtucio has credited 40 hrs and pursuing a Registered Nurse career at the Western University. She is now assisting nurses in Stoufville General Hospital.
  • Miss Anndrea Maranan has credited volunteer hours and now pursuing a career at Humber College.
  • Mr Val Silverio has credited volunteer awards and now pursuing career at George Brown College.
  • Miss Krystel Myint has credited 40 hours and went to Seneca College where she completed Tourism Flight Services career.
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